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Notifications feed in Targetprocess

Trying to keep up with changing priorities can take up time and force you to switch your focus. While having all of your tasks and notifications in just one place can increase your productivity.

We’ve designed our 'Notifications' to become such a place.

Notifications feed

Browsing Notifications list in Targetprocess lets you catch up on the changes like these:

  • any comments where you or your team have been mentioned
  • updates that come from Notification Rules. Administrator of your account can customize what will appear here

Go to the Left menu and click 'Notifications' menu item to see these updates:

You can see here:

  • which entity updated
  • who performed the change
  • how long ago this happened

Your own modifications will not display here

Unread notifications

When new notification comes, then green dot will appear near the bell icon signalling that something unread is here.

Items that were recently updated will also have green dot:


All the green dots disappear after you close Notifications panel.

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