How to remove Sample Projects and Processes?

A new Targetprocess account always contains some sample data: two demo projects showing you the purposes and abilities of the system. However, if you plan to use the system, you’ll naturally would like to remove all predefined artifacts.

If, instead of removing just Sample Data, you would like to start your work from scratch and revert your account into initial blank state with full cleanup of all Projects, Users and Views added during your trial period, please contact our Support team and request the assistance needed.

Here are the steps that will help you to remove Sample Data from your account.

Setup Processes

A Process is a configuration part for every Project in Targetprocess. You can find the list of existing Processes under Settings → Processes link.


The recommended option is to use one of the predefined Processes as the basis, rename or change it according to your preferences, and use it for your purposes. Read more about Processes in Targetprocess 3.

Since you don't use the built-in Kanban or Scrum processes as is, it naturally would also be nice if these processes could be hidden, so that users don't accidentally use them. It is possible, but you need to create your own custom Process and make it default to replace them.

Create your own Custom Process

Add a Process using Create process button under the Processes list. Please don’t forget to put a mark Default process:


Go to the Processes list. Now your Custom Default Process is here:


The next step is to switch all Projects that follow predefined Kanban and Scrum to this default Process. To switch the Process for any active Project, please use Project details view.


Some Projects that follow Kanban or Scrum Process may be already deleted. Should this happen, it will prevent the Processes from being removed and produce an exception “Data layer exception occured”. To switch the Process for any deleted Project, you need to undelete it temporarily in advance.

Change Processes for Sample Projects

Here is how the Projects list should now look. All the Projects now follow your Default process:


Open Settings → Processes list. Now nothing prevents you from removing the sample Processes. Delete them freely.


Cleanup Sample Data

  1. Open Settings → General Settings.
  2. Press Clear Sample Data button.

Now you are welcome to start building your Projects following your custom Process on a flat ground.

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