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How to migrate to Team Workflows

Simplification of Project Workflows, migration from purely Project Workflows to Team Workflows

With recent introduction of Team Workflows in Targetprocess some of our customers started migration from standard Project Workflow to the new Team Workflows. The most typical goal for such migration is to simplify Project workflow for high level tracking into something simple like "Open" - "In Progress" - "Done" and track all specific states using Team Workflows. However simple removal of Project Workflow state will reset the state of any entities currently in this state and there's no way to map it to a Team Workflow state when removing- you can only set new Project Workflow state. And this guide was written to help with such migration and make it as smooth as possible.

Let's start with example where we have some Project workflow  in our "Scrum" Process and would like to move some of the states to Alpha team which is working on Projects using "Scrum" workflow.

In Team Workflow there's no concept of "Responsible Roles", so if you remove some Project state with Role responsible for that State only - it will disappear from your "Assignments" section. Example:How to migrate to Team Workflows. Image 1

Current setup:

How to migrate to Team Workflows. Image 2

And our goal is to have following workflows:

How to migrate to Team Workflows. Image 3

There are few ways to achieve our goal, in this article we're going to describe one of them. Let's follow these steps:

1. Create our desired Team states under the Project state which we'll keep then and add "Temp Team States" mapped to existing Project states. All entities using existing Project States will automatically get those new "Temp Team States" mapped.

How to migrate to Team Workflows. Image 4

2. Using batch updates select and move all entities from "Temp Team States" to our new Team states, "Tested" in example below.

You might need to decrease zoom level and click "Show more" few times if there are many items to move.

We're using "Alpha Team" Workflow filter here to hide states from other Team Workflows in case they exist in the system.

How to migrate to Team Workflows. Image 5

3. Remove old Project states -corresponding "Temp Team States" will be removed as well automatically.

How to migrate to Team Workflows. Image 6

4. Rename Project state that contains our new Team States - "In Progress" on our case

How to migrate to Team Workflows. Image 7

Voila! Now we have our User Stories using corresponding Team States.

How to migrate to Team Workflows. Image 8

And here's what we see if look at same items with Project States ("States") selected as columns:

How to migrate to Team Workflows. Image 9

You can find additional information about Team Workflow here - How to customize Team Workflows.

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