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How to turn on / off practices in a process?

Let’s say, you don’t do bug tracking in your company and would like to turn this functionality off in your process.
You can do this if go to Settings → Processes → [Your Process Name] → Practices and uncheck 'Bug Tracking' practice, then click 'Save':

How to turn on / off practices in a process? Image 1

In this case bugs will not be available in the projects with the changed process any more.
For example they will be removed from Quick Add:

How to turn on / off practices in a process? Image 2

Here is the list of the functionality which practices in a process are responsible for:

PracticeDisabled Functionality
Time TrackingTime Sheet, Add Time, Time tab in pop-up views
Bug TrackingBug option in Quick Add, Bug tab in Pop-up views
Epics and FeaturesEpic and Feature options in Quick Add, Epic and Feature tabs in Pop-up views
Test CasesAdd Test Case links, Test Case option in Quick Add, Test Case tab in Views, Test Plans, Test Runs
Source ControlSource tab in pop-up views of assignable entities
Help DeskRequest option in Quick Add, Requesters
IterationsIteration option in Quick Add, Iterations tab in Pop-up views, Iteration Burn Down Chart

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