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Marketing Solutions

Whether you are a marketing agency or a product marketing department in your organization, our marketing solutions are designed to help you to plan, coordinate and communicate your activities. Within this solution is a set of views from which you can see all the initiatives your team is working on and drill-down into any of it for more details. Schedule marketing campaigns across various initiatives, set the budget, keep track of deadlines, get an overview of campaigns' scope, and follow execution progress.

This solution contains a set of views that can be used to coordinate all the events your team is organizing, schedule events by quarters, get a detailed overview of their scope, assign responsibilities to people, and track execution progress.

You can use the views in this solution to keep an eye on all marketing activities from one place, track people's workload across all initiatives, and see who is working on what on a daily basis.

The views in this solution will help you coordinate web projects you are running, create a plan of work inside of each project, visualize the status across multiple projects, see who is working on what, and control people workload. You can benefit from assets management and keep the history of approved or rejected artifacts.