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Portfolio Management Solutions

Starting from version 3.12.2, Targetprocess supports multiple Portfolio types in Portfolio Mashup. Unfortunately, this makes the new release incompatible with the old Mashup so you'll have to migrate to the new version. Note that migration is needed even if you have just a single Portfolio type.

Targetprocess solutions cover many different aspects of Portfolio Management. You can use Targetprocess to evaluate, prioritize, manage and control portfolio items to achieve strategic business objectives. You can easily align strategy with execution, allowing for full traceability from portfolio-level initiatives to development-level projects and work items, making it possible for project managers to easily provide progress details from the bottom-up and let stakeholders stay focused on the top organizational priorities and goals.

The Project Portfolio Management solution provides program and project managers in large organizations with the capabilities needed to manage the time, people, tasks, and budgets necessary to meet company objectives. It provides a framework for issue resolution and

This solution contains a set of views which can be used to plan people allocations and team capacities. Whenever you need to see who is working on what, find people who are available to do some tasks, or check when a team can start to work on a specific feature, just take a look at the views in this solution to get your answer.

Use this solution to identify risks, complete qualitative and quantitative analysis, plan risk responses, and control risks across projects. This solution consists of 6 views, 3 reports, and 1 dashboard. You can install the whole solution or select the specific views which meet your needs.

Managing budget is an integral part of portfolio management. Targetprocess provides support for custom budget calculations. In the default solution you can see the following budget metrics available: Allocated Budget - how much has been allocated to a project

RAG status reporting is used when project managers are asked to assess how well a project is doing using traffic lights as indicators. A red traffic light indicates problems. An amber light means everything is okay and green means things are going pretty well.

For every project in Targetprocess you can specify a set of custom parameters to evaluate and prioritize them. Prioritization based on such parameters guides decision-makers to ensure the organization continues increasing productivity and that these items align with

CD3 prioritization is an approach for scheduling work through a scarce resource that maximizes Return on Investment. (CD3 = CDx3 from Cost of Delay Divided by Duration). WSJF (Weighted Shortest Job First) is a similar method which has