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Migrating to the new Portfolio Mashup

Starting from version 3.12.2, Targetprocess supports multiple Portfolio types in Portfolio Mashup. Unfortunately, this makes the new release incompatible with the old Mashup so you'll have to migrate to the new version. Note that migration is needed even if you have just a single Portfolio type.

The migration takes about 15 minutes and doesn't require any technical knowledge. Please feel free to contact us via Live chat or support@targetprocess.com in case you face any problems or are just uncomfortable with perfoming the migration by yourself.

You should perform migration after you get 3.12.2.

What is Portfolio Mashup?


Portfolio Mashups adds tabs both for Portfolio and work items making the connection between them intuitive.

Step 1. Disable old Mashup in Settings → Mashups.

Migrating to the new Portfolio Mashup. Image 2

Step 2. Add "PortfolioType" dropdown custom field for Project in Portfolio processes.
Default value — 'Portfolio'.
Values — 'Portfolio'.


Multiple Portfolios. List all Portfolio type like Product Portfolio and Sales Portfolio.

Step 3. Make sure that all Portfolio Projects has 'PortfolioType' custom field set to 'Portfolio'.


Step 4. Remove 'IsPortfolio' custom field for all processes.

Migrating to the new Portfolio Mashup. Image 5

Step 5. Add new mashup.
Name — 'Portfolio Link'.
Placeholders — 'restui_board,restui_tpview'.
Code — PortfolioLink.js.


Multiple Portfolios. You should specify options for each Portfolio type in the Code section.

Step 6. Tweak configuration based on the old version of mashup if needed.

Step 7. Refresh the page — and the migration is done.

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