Strategic Themes and Initiatives | User Guide

Strategic Themes and Initiatives

Strategic themes (or objectives) can help you group and organize related initiatives that work together to deliver a specific, valuable business result. Strategic themes can help to simplify the communication of the strategy map to stakeholders by providing a concise bridge between mission and vision, and the details on the strategy map (i.e. the strategic initiatives and portfolio items).

Views in this solution


The solution can be activated by Administrators of your Targetprocess account.

Install the solution from the Solutions Gallery. Navigate + Create > Browse Solutions Gallery item in the left menu for this purpose. Open Portfolio Management folder, select Goals, Strategic Themes and Initiatives Management solution and press green button Try the solution. All views and data adjustments will be perfomed automatically.


If you use Targetprocess hosted on-premise, the Solutions Gallery mashup has to be installed in advance.

The Portfolio process and a project, related to this process, are required for this solution.

Here is what happens once you try the whole solution:

  • If the Portfolio process already exists in your account, then the existing process and the projects related to it will be used for this solution.
  • If the Portfolio process exists, but there are no related projects, then a new project Portfolio will be created in your account.
  • If the Portfolio process does not exist, a new process Portfolio and a related Portfolio project will be created in your account.

However, these checks and actions are not performed automatically when you install views from the solution one by one. Contact our Support Team should you encounter any issues on this step.


The solution creates 6 private views in your account. Further you're welcome to share them with members of proper Projects and Teams.

Projects of Portfolio level only must be selected as current in the setup of all created views. If you already have Porfolio level projects and they are hidden from Portfolio views then you're welcome to modify the views and include required projects into the selection on them. In the meantime please do not mark any Execution / Work level project as current on the Portfolio views.

We recomend to install and use custom mashup (add-on) named "Portfolio Tab" with this solution for better user experience. Please contact your dedicated Targetprocess Product Specialist to get additional information.

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