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Work & Project Management Solutions

The Backlog Management solution provides a number of views that can be very useful when you need to kick off a project and track its progress from a high level. You’ll find views to help you to get started in creating and prioritizing your product backlog and breaking down large features and epics into smaller user stories. You can continue by scheduling releases and planning features across releases.

This solution provides a set of views designed for Scrum teams that work on one or many projects.

This solution provides a set of views designed for a team that's using a Kanban process for their Agile methodology. The views in this solution should be used as a framework for getting started, but please note they are not the only ways to see information in the system. Use them as a foundation and then tinker with and customize them to create your own views and expand on this solution for your own specific needs.

This set of views will help you organize your daily activities independently of a process. Provide visibility of the work scope to each team member, organize work items of one or multiple projects running in parallel, solve blocking issues, and measure performance.

This solution provides a set of views that are designed to give visibility into the progress of multiple teams working on multiple projects.

If you are a QA Manager or work as a Software Tester, the set of views in this solution are going to be your tool-set for planning and tracking testing activities in your company, and will help to provide high quality in the products you develop.

This solution provides a set of views designed to manage incoming requests. The solution assumes that the team receives various requests which need to be processed, answered, and, if necessary, converted to an appropriate work item, such as a feature, user story, or bug.

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