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At a high level, the data model (domain model) connects three major areas in project management: People, Work and Plans. People People, or users, can be allocated to multiple projects and assigned to many teams. The user’s team

Adding a card using the large green "+Add" button on the top left.

Using roles to set permissions for users to add, edit, and delete entities in TargetProcess 3. Some other role-related settings, e.g. access to timesheets of the other users.

Business Value indicates entity importance from customer’s point of view. The most valuable work items should be implemented as early as possible.

There is hardly a way to include all the possible reports to the application. Instead trying to do that we allow you to create your own reports to suite almost any need.

See how Targetprocess 3 can be used in diverse contexts. Your business case might be among them.

Here's how to quickly get started with a new project, add project members, and fill up the project with work. First Login When you log in for the first time, there is only one user account in the

There are no formal dependencies in agile software development. However, it often comes that way that one piece of work is tied to another piece of work. In Targetprocess you can track such dependencies via Relations.

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