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Business Value indicates entity importance from customer’s point of view. The most valuable work items should be implemented as early as possible.

What is severity of a bug and how to customize it.

Adding Custom Fields to almost all Targetprocess entities. Detailed descriptions for each Custom Field type. Mandatory Custom Fields.

Adding and removing Custom Fields. Modifying fields settings.

Targetprocess allows you to use the terminology that you are accustomed to. You can choose to use terms that are specific for your domain sphere, translate terms into your native language, or do something completely different. Term names are applied on a per-Process basis.

Even though there is no way to switch Targetprocess to a new domain with one button click, you can still adjust it manually with the help of the following features. Localization Targetprocess is now localized for 6 different languages! We’re

It is possible to create your own metrics with a Custom Field based on a specified Formula. To do so, create a Custom Field with a Calculated Field Type and specify Calculation Formula.

Custom Request types increase the number of scenarios that the Service Desk can be used for. Available in Targetprocess v3.10.8+ You can manage requests of any kind: Customer Support tickets, Idea Management, and anything else you need: from

Targetprocess is quite powerful with its ability to do advanced calculations. The system can evaluate values using multiple source fields and properties, common math, and string manipulation operations. As a result you get calculated numeric, date, boolean, text values. They can be

Using "?" to switch on the advanced mode. The basic concepts of advanced filtering, along with some use cases and a list of supported operators.

Ready-to-use view templates for Scrum, Kanban, QA, etc. Personal Dashboard, Iteration Plan, Kanban Board,
Story Map Backlog, Story Map Releases. Set up a view from scratch in 1 min.

Custom rules allow you to manipulate the default business logic of Targetprocess. For instance you can tell Targetprocess to automatically move the parent User Story into progress as soon as you move the first Task of a User

Where and how to set up workflows for Scrum and Kanban. How to set up and tweak custom workflows.

We like to say that you don’t need to change your process to fit a tool, instead you need a tool that fits your process. In Targetprocess, you can create your own unique process workflow and benefit greatly from

Which lanes are available for which cards. Horizontal and vertical grouping. Custom field lanes.

Estimation template is a special experimental configuration of board view in Targetprocess. It displays work items as cards distributed by columns according to the estimated Effort for Developer role.

Editing Process settings A Process in Targetprocess is a set of business rules applied to the workflow of your Project or Team. Every Administrator in Targetprocess can edit Process settings in Settings → Process setup. Click on the

Information displayed in Lists is customizable. This can be done in the “Customize Cards” section of the View setup.

Team Workflow allows to teams use their custom workflows working on entities, as user stories, bugs, features and others, whatever project they work on.

What are process practices and what entities/functions they affect

When you map your processes in the system, the Team Workflow gives you the unique possibility to stay flexible on a team level and have a high-level overview across all the teams on a project level without confusing

In Service Desk users specify Priority per each Request they submit. Priority options are actually configured as Business Values for Requests in Targetprocess. Priority in Add Request form of Service Desk: The options are the same as Business Values for Request

How to change effort units from hours to points (or from points to hours) and which options are available.

This mashup allows a custom field to be required when an entity is moved to a specific state or a specific value is selected in another custom field.