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Shows cycle time distribution for completed user stories, features, bugs, tasks, requests within a certain time frame.

This solution creates a set of views that are based on a Kanban concept.

Lead Time and Cycle Time are two useful metrics for understanding how long it takes for work items to be completed. Lead Time is the difference between the moment when an item is created and the moment when the item enters its Final

Available since Targetprocess v.3.10.0 A Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) shows how much work is in any given state within a particular interval of time. You can use a CFD to find out how much work is done, ongoing, and in

This solution provides a set of views designed for a team that's using a Kanban process for their Agile methodology. The views in this solution should be used as a framework for getting started, but please note they are not the only ways to see information in the system. Use them as a foundation and then tinker with and customize them to create your own views and expand on this solution for your own specific needs.

Where and how to set up workflows for Scrum and Kanban. How to set up and tweak custom workflows.

We like to say that you don’t need to change your process to fit a tool, instead you need a tool that fits your process. In Targetprocess, you can create your own unique process workflow and benefit greatly from

Which lanes are available for which cards. Horizontal and vertical grouping. Custom field lanes.

Editing Process settings A Process in Targetprocess is a set of business rules applied to the workflow of your Project or Team. Every Administrator in Targetprocess can edit Process settings in Settings → Process setup. Click on the

Team Workflow allows to teams use their custom workflows working on entities, as user stories, bugs, features and others, whatever project they work on.

When you map your processes in the system, the Team Workflow gives you the unique possibility to stay flexible on a team level and have a high-level overview across all the teams on a project level without confusing

Set up WIP Limits for lanes and get visual feedback when these limits are met or exceeded.

This article is obsolete for On-demand accounts. Please see our guide section on how to create Visual Reports.   Q: How do I create a custom graphical report with team states on the axis? Our cards are assigned to