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Business Value indicates entity importance from customer’s point of view. The most valuable work items should be implemented as early as possible.

Effort is the value showing the amount of work which is required to complete a task/work item/entity. Total effort is used as one of the key metrics in work planning, progress tracking and reporting.

This solution provides a set of views designed for Scrum teams that work on one or many projects.

Allocations report provides an overview of people allocations for all the projects they’re working on (or available for).

Estimation template is a special experimental configuration of board view in Targetprocess. It displays work items as cards distributed by columns according to the estimated Effort for Developer role.

Cross-project releases allow you to plan and track your backlog from several projects at once. They provide you with aggregated status while still being able to drill into each project.

There are two types of Iterations: Iterations (Project Iterations, Sprints, Project Sprints) and Team Iterations (Team Sprints). Both serve the same purpose: organizing work for planning, tracking, and reporting. The main difference between them is the scope of work each type may contain.

Sorting cards by Rank to prioritize work. The other sorting options for cards and lanes.

Milestones are used to represent some important event for your team, project or company. For example, it could be an important demo for a client, or a company deadline.