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Progress Summary view

The Progress Summary view answers the most important question in software development: “When will the release be completed?” This knowledge comes from the historical data analysis and the remaining work calculation.

In Targetprocess you can build a Progress Summary view showing current Release and Iteration progress and forecast for the Release finish date.

Progress Summary view. Image 1

This view serves as a replacement for the obsolete Progress Summary report from TP2 era, cancelled now:

Progress Summary view. Image 2

Creating Progress Summary view step by step

The view should be configured once by Administrator; further it can be opened by any Targetprocess user.

In left menu, click + Create > List.

Creating Progress Summary view step by step

In the header, rename the list to Progress Summary.

In Setup tab, select the cards you want to see. We recommend to select:

  • To track progress of both Releases and Iterations: Iteration entities as cards and Release entities as 2nd level lanes
  • To track progress of Releases only: Release entities as cards

Progress Summary view. Image 4

We are interested in Iterations and Releases that are in progress only. Let’s filter out past and future releases and iterations for this purpose. We’ll apply filters to cards and lanes.

To Iterations as cards:

?IsCurrent is True

Progress Summary view. Image 5

To Releases as hierarchical level lanes: same syntax.

?IsCurrent is True

Progress Summary view. Image 6

Let’s modify this filter for Releases level slightly to hide Backlog row from the list of Releases:

?IsCurrent is True and it is not None

Progress Summary view. Image 7

Next task is to customize columns. In the Customize Cards tab, here are the column units we recommend to build rows layout with to replace Progress Summary report:


  • Name (always goes first)
  • Entity Type
  • Progress
  • Open/total User Stories
  • Open/total Bugs
  • Todo/total Effort
  • Run Results (optional, if Testing module is used)

Progress Summary view. Image 8


  • Name (with iterations count; always goes first)
  • Progress
  • Forecasted Finish
  • Open/total User Stories
  • Open/total Bugs
  • Open/total Features
  • Open/total Epics
  • Todo/total Effort
  • Run Results (optional, if Testing module is used)
  • Projects

Progress Summary view. Image 9

More helpful units are also available for selection, you’re welcome to check and try them.

On Access tab, please specify members of what Projects and Teams will be able to see this view in their left menu.

Press Finish setup button.

Here is how the created list view looks like:

Progress Summary view. Image 10

Grouping Releases by Projects

Additionally, you can introduce one more level of hierarchy: group Releases by Projects.

Grouping Releases by Projects

Here is how the Progress Summary view looks like then:

Progress Summary view. Image 1

Access to view

Progress Summary view appears in the left menu for all users with whom you shared them.

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