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Reports based on People Allocations

In Targetprocess it is possible to assign people to projects and specify time-based personal allocations. This article describes fields of User Project Allocations entities and reports that use the entities as a data source.

Fields and Properties

Predefined fields:

Field NameDescription
PercentagePercent participation of a user. Set as a number in [0..100] range. Divide the value by 100 in custom calculations.

Effective Start Date, Effective End Date

How effective start and end dates are calculated for an allocation entity:

  • For done projects: as manually set allocation dates. If the dates are blank, then as project actual start date and actual end date.
  • For running projects: as manually set allocation dates. If the dates are blank, then as project actual start date and forecasted end date. Planned End Date field does not affect calculations.
  • For planned projects: as manually set allocation dates. If the dates are blank, then as project planned start date and planned end date.

Track and Export Data


User Allocation entity is supported as card on Targetprocess views.

The following Customize Cards units are supported people allocation records:

  • Started — Finished (Effective Start Date, Effective End Date), Percent Participating (Percentage)
  • Project: Name, Abbreviation, Color
  • User: Name, Avatar, Email, Login, Project Member Role, Total User Allocation

Total User Allocation is a summary of percentages for all allocations a user has within running projects. Planned and completed projects are not included.

Views can be exported to tabular files.

The following fields are exported for people allocation records: Project, User, Start Date, End Date, Effective Start Date, Effective End Date, Percentage.

Tabular Reports

Project Allocation entity is available as data source in Tabular Reports. To get list of people allocations, filter the report:

EntityType : Name / equal to / UserProjectAllocation

Some fields can be exported: Start Date, End Date, Percentage, Effective Start Date, Project: Name, Start Date, End Date, Planned Start Date, Planned End Date.

Some important fields are not supported: Effective End Date, Project Member (User).

Advanced Options

To export more details on people allocations, please query Targetprocess REST API.

Custom Reports

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