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Tabular Report with Detailed Time List

Tabular Report by Time Spent provides you with a detailed spreadsheet. It allows applying filters and calculating totals over a specified period of time. This data can be viewed, copied to clipboard, printed or saved as a CSV file. CSV files can be imported into spreadsheet editors for further processing.

It is possible to apply filters and calculating totals by User / Role / Assignable entity / Project over a specified period of time.

You can get this report by navigating to ReportsTabular Reports. If you do not have any saved report yet, it is possible to create a new one.

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To do so, follow these steps:

  • Click the Create new custom report link.
  • In the Entity tab, choose a process for your report. Use the one that your Project is based on (see here how to locate it). All Processes option is good unless you require to get a Custom Fields data (Custom Fields are process-specific).
  • Choose Time as a top level entity for the report.

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  • In the Columns tab, check the required boxes to specify which columns should be displayed in your report. Checkboxes are grouped by several panes:

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    Pane NameAvailable Columns
    Main Entity (Time)Create Date: the day when a time record was posted.

    Date: the date which you report time for.

    Description: text description for the time record.

    ID: # of the time record.

    Remain: the number of hours remaining as of the posting date.

    Spent: the number of hours spent for the reported date.

    Custom Fields (if the respective Process has any Custom Fields for the Time entity).

    AssignableDetails of the assignable entity (i.e. User Story, Bug, Task, Feature, Test Plan Run) related to the time record.
    BugDetails of the Bug related to the time record. If no bugs are related, the respective report columns will be empty.
    Custom ActivityDetails of the Custom Activity related to the time record.
    ProjectDetails of the Project that contains an assignable entity or a Custom Activity related to the time record.
    RoleDetails of the related Role. Time tracking practice allows your users to select a Role for which a Time record is posted or disable this option.
    TaskDetails of the Task related to the time record. If no tasks are related, the respective report columns will be empty.
    UserDetails of the User who has posted the time record.
    User StoryDetails of a User Story related to the time record. If no User Stories are related, the respective report columns will be empty.

    We recommend you to add the following columns to your report:

    • Main Entity (Time) → Date, Spent;
    • Assignable → ID, Name;
    • Bug → ID;
    • Project → Abbreviation / Name;
    • Task → ID;
    • User → First Name, Last Name;
    • User Story → ID.
    Custom Fields are available for selection only when a tabular report is based on single process. In tabular reports based on All Processes Custom Fields cannot be shown.

    It is possible to configure custom columns. Find detailed guide on this advanced topic here: Tabular Report with Detailed Time List: add Custom Columns based on Metrics.

  • In the Filters tab, you can set some filters to narrow down the results. Press the Add Criteria button to add a new filter. Two or more filters are always combined with ‘AND’ condition there. The most frequently used filters are:

    • Date / greater than or equal to or less than / Date from Calendar: to specify the time frame. You can refer to relative dates, e.g. 7 days before today, using Today - 7 expression.
    • Description / not equal to / null: to show time records with the added description only.
    • Custom Fields: to filter time records with the specified Custom Field value only. You may have a custom checkbox ‘Billable’ to distinguish billable and non-billable Time Spent records and build a report including Billable Time records only.
    • Assignable: to filter by attributes of the related Assignable entity: Start and End date, ID, Name, and Tags.
    • Custom Activity: to filter by attributes of the related Custom Activity.
    • Project: to filter by Project. Custom Reports are independent from the Teams / Projects context selected, so Project → ID, Name, Abbreviation is the best way to specify the Project your report is created for.
    • Role: to filter time records by a specific Role.
    • User: to filter by User specifying their ID or Last Name.
    • Bug, Task, User Story: to filter time records related to Bugs, Tasks, User Stories only. Use the EntityName : ID / not empty rule for that purpose.
  • Summary Columns and Inner Lists are not allowed for time-based Custom Reports. Skip these pages.
  • In the Settings tab, type the name for your new Custom Report and specify the page sizing.
  • Press Save & Run Report.

You will get a spreadsheet with time records.

The report will appear in Reports → Other Reports → Custom Reports → Saved Reports once you have saved it. Every Targetprocess user is able to run it if the report has been made Public in the Settings tab.

Now you can view the report, print it, or export it to CSV file supported by spreadsheet editors such as Microsoft Excel.

Sorting and Grouping

By clicking on column headers it is possible to sort records in ascending or descending order.

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It is possible to break down time records by User, Project, Assignable working item or any other column using Group by This Field feature. Grouping is useful as totals will be calculated at the bottom of each group.

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Embedding to other reports

Saving this report and using it as Inner List (i.e. embedded report) may be another useful option for getting detailed Time report broken down by Project / User / Assignable working items. More information: Detailed Time Reports by Project, User, or Assignable Work Item.


If you are sure some data is there in the database and in the same time it is missing in your report, please tryto remove all the filters that could hide the records. If it doesn't help and you see that your problematic report is built on some particular Process, try create another report with the same settings and with 'All Processes' process selected in the first step of report creation.

Total Time Spent in high-level planned entities

Sometimes you may not need a very detailed Time report. Instead, you would like to get a Report showing you filtered and aggregated totals per User Story, Feature, Iteration, Release, Team Iteration or even Project or Team. In the report built by Iteration, Team Iteration, Release and Team data source it is possible to get total Time Spent across nested work items with Summary Columns. Learn here how to create the required report.

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