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Time Spent Reports

Users can post time against various entities in Targetprocess 3. Naturally, one day you want to get some statistics on the added time or even export the data to get it further processed by different software. There are several reports of this kind available.

Tabular Report by Time Spent

Custom Report by Time

Custom Report by Time spent provides you with a detailed spreadsheet. It allows applying filters and calculating totals by User/ Role/ Assignable entity/ Project over a specified period of time. With Summary Columns you can get totals by Iteration, Team Iteration, Release and Team as well. This data can be viewed, copied to clipboard, printed or saved as a CSV file. CSV files can be imported into MS Excel for further processing.

Visual report

It is possible to build Visual report showing summary of time spent per person. Use one of the existing templates for this purpose.

Custom Graphical reports

Available in versions v3.6.0 - v3.10.0 for Targetprocess accounts hosted in the cloud. Previously created reports are still supported, but it is not possible to create new reports with the old interface.
Available in versions v3.6.0+ and still supported for On-Premise accounts.

Various time reports to view effort and status can be built across projects and departments.

Time Spent by Person is one of the available reports.

It is possible to build a report that shows Estimated effort vs time spent per user.

Time List view

Time list view is recommended view to see your time records. On this view each time record is represented as a row.

You can create Board and List views that display Time as cards. You can group them by User, Spent Date or other fields, and you can filter or sort them as you like.

Also Time List allows you to build, copy and export into CSV file a detailed report by Time Spent records.

REST API reports by Time Spent

REST API Report by Time

REST API Reports are similar to Custom Reports. They allow you to extract data from the system in the XML or JSON format. Both formats are not very visual and readable for the human eye, but they can be used as valuable input for your custom integration scripts and standalone applications. Fortunately enough, MS Excel accepts XML files as a data source as well.

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