No Cards are displayed

Below are some of the most common reasons why a view is not displaying the cards you look for.

Wrong Project / Team selection

The cards being displayed on a view belong to the projects and teams that are selected in the view settings. When working with a few projects the project abbreviations for the selected projects are displayed at the top. If you have many projects selected, there will be a number representing the count of them.


Check to make sure that you have the correct projects and teams selected. If you are looking for items that are not assigned to a team yet, be sure to include the No Team into your selection.

The projects-teams selector is a part of view settings. Initially users see views with a selection set by the view's owner. Later they can change the settings for themselves only by clicking on the selector. When you apply personal custom selection for a view, the selector will be highlighted yellow, like here:


There is a handy 'revert' option to quickly sync the view's projects and teams from your personal settings back to its default settings. For more information see the article "Projects and Teams Selector".

Incorrect Filters Applied

Multiple filters can be applied on the views. The first filter to check is the Quick filter. You can see it above the view and it filters cards that are on the view. The Quick filter is your personal filter. Therefore if your colleagues open this view having some other Quick filter applied, you might see different results from them.


Inner filters can also be applied in the Set up view -> Setup tab. These filters may hide cards, rows and columns from your view.



If a filter is applied for items that are in a current iteration, make sure that there is a current iteration in the project. The same for a release and a team iteration. Current iteration and release should have start date earlier than today and end date later than today.


Incorrect Card Selection

Verify you have the correct types of cards selected to display in the view settings:


View Paging

Views are split by pages when there are too many rows or columns to be displayed. This means that cards might be on the view, just not on the page you are looking at. You can browse pages using the arrows.

  • Carl Nygard

    The docs are a bit confusing:
    “Check to make sure that you have the correct teams and projects selected. If you are looking for items that are not assigned to a team yet, be sure to include the No Team in your selection. When there are no check marks for the teams or projects that means any team or any project.”
    seems to contradict:
    “Work has to at least belong to a team or a project so selecting no team / no project will always display an empty view.”

  • Natalia

    Hi Carl,
    Thanks for the heads up! We have updated the article to include the most recent information about the context.

  • Andre Engelbrecht

    I cannot see any issues created on one of the default board templates. It’s the “Ideas” board.

    When I initially create a new “idea” on this board, is shows up in the list. But soon as I navigate away, and then come back to the board, I just get the Yikes nothing to display here message 🙁

    If I go to my recent activities I can see the card there.

  • Andre Engelbrecht

    Ah ok I found out why, any cards created in this list is marked as a “Issue” and not an “Idea”.

  • Bogdan Skaskiv

    @andreengelbrecht:disqus thanks for the update and glad that it works for you now!

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