No Lanes are displayed

Below are some of the most common reasons that a View is not displaying the correct Lanes:

Incorrect selection of current Project and Team

Lanes such as User Stories, Features, Releases, Iterations, Projects etc. are based on which Projects are selected in the Team / Project Selector.

When using Teams or Team Iterations for Lanes please be sure that you have the proper Teams selected from the Project Selector as well.

Incorrect Filters applied

Check the filters to make sure that the correct information is being displayed on the Views. Check all filters: the one in view header and the ones in Actions > Set up view > Setup tab.

If a filter is applied looking for items that are in a current Iteration, please make sure that there is a current Iteration in the Project. The same works for a Release and a Team Iteration.

Incorrect Lanes selected

As an example, if you are using Team iterations instead of Iterations, make sure you select the correct Lanes in your View Setup.

Want to know more about setting up Lanes and Filters? Dig into the detailed article: Unable to Filter Entities or set Lanes in the View Setup

Empty lanes are hidden

It is possible to quickly hide all lanes that have no cards on board views. And it may happen that the missing lane is actually hidden just because it is empty. When empty lanes are hidden then special indicator is displayed in the top right corner of the board header. Click on it to show empty lanes back.


  • edwarja1

    It would be more helpful if it explained how to select a team using the filters so that I could get something to display. This information is too general – I already know I need to select something, but I don’t know how.

  • Sergey Gnedin

    The easiest way to select the team is using project/team selector at the top left part of the screen
    As for the filters, it would be something like ?Team is ‘Front End’ see… for more details

  • Tom Barker

    I need a brief video tutorial or similar to explain how to create sprint iterations and then view them using the filter – (if that’s what’s required to make them visible)

  • Andrey Metelsky

    Hi @disqus_pzx2rgrGko:disqus

    You can create new board with Iteration as lane and User Stories as cards without any filters in order to display all work items you need: You can also create a new Iteration there.
    Please find out tutorial video about iterations here:

    Andrey M.

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