Troubleshooting Performance Issues with On Demand Accounts

We understand the frustration when it takes too long to load a page or perform a basic task. While me monitor performance on our servers, it is sometimes necessary to address specific issues you face. This article provides instructions for you to gather information we will need in order to investigate your particular case in the most effective way.

Please provide the following information:

  1. Describe your case in detail. What action are you attempting and how long does the application take to react? Is the issue consistent or does it only occur in particular cases? Is the problem occurring now? The more information you can provide, the better. It would be best if you could record a video as well. There are many tools available for that, we use free Jing for example. You can send this information to, but it would be great if you could combine it with the next point.
  2. Send us a Diagnostics Report.
    Troubleshooting Performance Issues with On Demand Accounts. Image 1It will provide general information about your view
    Troubleshooting Performance Issues with On Demand Accounts. Image 2
  3. Open cmd command prompt and execute two commands: ping and tracert and send us the results. Right-click the cmd window, select all and hit Enter.
    Troubleshooting Performance Issues with On Demand Accounts. Image 3
  4. Export your browser session. It is a very important step that will not take much of your time

    In Chrome (recommended)

    Open Tools -> Developer Tools and switch to Network Tab (Ctrl+Shift+I)
    Repeat the action that took too long. Right-click the area below and choose "Save as HAR with content"
    In Chrome (recommended)
    Please give it a name like "adding new bug.har" and send it to

    In Internet Explorer

    Open Developer Tools (F12), switch to Network. Capture the session and then export it as shown below:In Internet Explorer

  5. Export browser performance profile
    Similar to above, it helps us troubleshoot client performance.
    Open Tools -> Developer Tools and switch to Performance tab. Start recording, repeat the slow action and save profileIn Internet Explorer. Image 1

This article does not address the On Site (local) versions of Targetprocess. There are too many factors to consider there, and it is a subject for another article

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