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Unable to use Global Search

Incomplete Search Results

Sometimes you may get the following warning message during the search attempt: Search results might be incomplete at this point. Indexing is still in progress...

Incomplete Search Results

To provide you with results quickly, our Search engine scans entities in the background and operates special index files and tables "under the hood." It tries to do its best to keep these files up-to-date, but sometimes it can fail. So the message above means that not of all of the entities have been re-indexed up to that point, and that is why the search results might be incomplete.

It depends on the number of the entities in your database, but it usually takes up to 10-15 minutes until the rebuild indexes activity has been completed. If the warning is still there for longer than that, then you can troubleshoot the issue with our support team.

To check the status of the Search engine, please login as an Administrator and go to Settings → Plugins page.

In the Plugins list, find the icon for the Search2 or Search Plugin and click the Now running menu link.

Incomplete Search Results. Image 1

Search Plugin Profile page appears.

Unable to use Global Search. Image 2

Click the Rebuild indexes button to restart the indexing process and scan all your existing entities from scratch.

Search icon / Search plugin box / Now running link is missing

Sometimes the Search feature icon is missing or you can see a warning when trying to perform your Search. The Plugins page in the System Settings might be blank as well. Or, a Search plugin is shown with the Now Running link hidden.

Search icon is missing

Something's wrong with the Search

Should you face this issue, please contact our Support team as soon as possible.

For on-site accounts hosted in your local network:

Search plugin is a Windows service, so please check that TP search plugin service is up and running in the list of local services on your hosting server. Please follow our Troubleshooting Plugin Issues guide.

Check if files at


on your hosting server are present and up to date as well. You can try to delete these files manually and then press the Rebuild indexes button. The Search Plugin should recreate them automatically.

If all small icons are missing in your application, please check SVG files mapping settings.

You can always contact our Support team if are were not successful with troubleshooting on your own.

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