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How to undelete a Project or a User

You can easily "undelete" Projects and Users from the "Deleted items" menu in Settings.

Available in Targetprocess v3.11.2+

How to restore a deleted Project

A list of deleted Projects is available for Administrators in Settings - > Deleted Items.

How to restore a deleted Project

To restore a Project, just find the one you need and click the 'Restore' button. The Project will be restored and a success message with a link to the Project will show up:

How to undelete a Project or a User. Image 2

How to restore a deleted User

A deleted User can be restored in a similar way. In Settings - > Deleted items there is a list of  deleted Users. Just click the 'Restore' button next to the one you need.

How to restore a deleted User

The User will be restored and a success message will be shown:

How to undelete a Project or a User. Image 4

There's a few more ways User can be restored. If an Administrator is adding a new User with an email that already exists in the database (but is marked as deleted), then the Administrator will see the following message:

How to undelete a Project or a User. Image 5

So, there is an option to restore an existing User with all their assignments, or to create a new User.

The same situation takes place when Administrator wants to add a new User to a Project or a Team:

How to undelete a Project or a User. Image 6

Restore using API

It is also possible to manage deleted Projects and Users via the API. We describe it in our developers guide: Undelete API.

Restore Work Items

Undelete action for work items (User Stories, Tasks, Bugs, Features, Epics, Requests, Releases, Sprints etc.) is not supported for users within UI. However it is possible to restore entities through direct database access. Data recovery scripts are executed by Support Team members per your request.

Should you require any entities to be recovered, please contact our Support Team by email Please attach additional information about the entities you want to restore:

  • type and ID# of entities
  • when and by whom were they deleted
  • what project contained them
  • what is the URL address of your Targetprocess account

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