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This video is a basic introduction to Targetprocess. We’ll be covering 4 main topics: System Overview — A brief overview of the Targetprocess interface Views Basics — How we can view information from one or several projects Adding and Editing —

This video is a short introduction to view basics in Targetprocess.

This video will talk about organizing and sharing new Views.

Create user accounts in your Targetprocess system so that your colleagues could log in to the secure common data space, get access to the shared projects and teams and collaborate with each other. This video describes how to add users to your system.

Administrators of the Targetprocess system can add as many users to it as the number of purchased licenses is. If someone leaves your company, you may want to make the user license available for another company employee. Deactivate an account of

License Status page contains important licensing information related to your Targetprocess account: URL address of the application, Company name, License Key, Pricing Plan details. The page is available to Administrators only. This video describes how to find the page and explains

In this video, we’ll talk about the data structure in Targetprocess. We’ll cover the following topics: What work items exist in Targetprocess and how they are connected to each other, How you can organize people and let them

In this video we’ll talk about relations between teams and projects. You’ll learn how to organize your data in Targetprocess so that you can map it to the reality of your company’s structure. First, we’ll look at how teams

In this video, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about administration in Targetprocess. We’ll go over three main topics: How to define roles and connect them with processes, How to enable and customize email notifications, How