How to Prioritize Entities in Targetprocess | Project Prioritization Tool

How to Prioritize Entities

Prioritization is a common task for a Project Manager, Product Owner or Program Manager. It establishes an execution order in which the team should implement stories and fix bugs.

To prioritize entities, managers reorder them using the drag and drop functionality on Board and List Views. The order of the entities on other Views across the project prioritization software follows these changes.

Not all Views in the system follow these changes. Cross-view prioritization affects only views that display entities sorted by Rank. Open Actions > Set up view > Setup tab to check current sorting order configured.

How to Prioritize Entities. Image 1

By default, you can press the Shift key to drag a card(s) and move it into the desired position.

Prioritize card

You can also easily drag and drop in the List View to move items to both expanded and collapsed nodes. Hover over collapsed nodes to expand.

Batch prioritization is also possible on Board Views. Select several cards, hold the Shift key and move them to the desired position.

Prioritize several cards in a single action

On List Views, you can individually prioritize cards.

In order to do so, drag them by holding colored area on the left side of the card.

Tool for Changing Prioritization Settings

Administrators and View Owners can change settings for Views and enable or disable prioritization functionality. Open the Actions > Set Up View menu to begin.

Enable prioritization on the Setup tab by setting the Sort order for displayed cards to Rank.

Change Prioritization Settings

The software also allows you to switch sorting direction via the arrow icon.

How to Prioritize Entities. Image 5Default order. The cards with the highest priority are shown first.
How to Prioritize Entities. Image 6Reverse order. The cards with the lowest priority are shown first.

Entities are ordered by hidden numbers assignment (aka Rank, aka Numeric Priority). The higher the Numeric Priority number, the lower the Rank of the entity. The values are global within the system.

On the Prioritize tab, select the desired prioritization method. Three options are available:

  • Prioritization on
  • Prioritization off
  • Prioritize only if the Shift key is pressed (default option)

How to Prioritize Entities. Image 7

We recommend Shift + mouse action to prevent accidental re-prioritization


In some cases, the project prioritization tool might not allow you to prioritize. For example, if you sort cards by any other property (not Rank), either in View setup or in a List View column header, drag and drop prioritization is disabled. More information can be found in the dedicated article.

The project prioritization tool in Targetprocess lets you reorder various entities using a simple drag and drop interface. Prioritization software allows teams to smoothly execute tasks and deliver results faster. With Targetprocess, your project and portfolio management department can accelerate internal processes, define and organize issues based on their priority and optimize the overall productivity of your teams.

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