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Custom Fields

Adding Custom Fields to almost all Targetprocess entities. Detailed descriptions for each Custom Field type. Mandatory Custom Fields.

Adding and removing Custom Fields. Modifying fields settings.

It is possible to create your own metrics with a Custom Field based on a specified Formula. To do so, create a Custom Field with a Calculated Field Type and specify Calculation Formula.

You import User Stories with Custom fields the same way you import other entities in Targetprocess with the exception of a few additional rules you must take into account.

This mashup reflects the pages you've specifies in URL or Template URL custom fields as an embedded page on an entity view.

This mashup enables highlighting of custom fields on cards on views according to manually set conditions. In List views Colored custom fields make it possible to change selected value exactly like regular dropdowns do. Colored Custom Fields may serve as an alternative to color highlighting

This mashup allows a custom field to be required when an entity is moved to a specific state or a specific value is selected in another custom field.