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How to set up Custom Fields?

Up to 100 different Custom Fields can be added to almost every type of Targetprocess entities. There are Global and Process-specific Custom Fields.

Global Custom Fields

The following types of entities share the common settings of configured custom fields:

  • User
  • Team
  • Team Iteration (Team Sprint)
  • Program
  • Requester

To configure fields for these entity types, navigate to:

Settings → Custom Fields → Add

Process-specific Custom Fields

For all other entities custom fields are set up on a per-Process basis. Each project is assigned to a particular Process, and, therefore, entities in this Project inherit the Custom Fields setup of its Process.

Please learn how to know the Process name for your Project.

To check the Custom Fields setup for your process(es), navigate to

Settings → Processes → [Your process] → Custom Fields

On this screen, you see a list of the Custom Fields already set up for that Process, as well as the ability to add, edit, and delete fields.

Process-specific Custom FieldsTo add a Custom Field, simply click the Add link on this screen. You will then see the form for adding a new Custom Field:

CF setup

Enter a label for your field, choose the entity that you want to add the field for, and select a field type. There are multiple types of fields that you can add in Targetprocess.

If you want to add the same field to multiple entities, you can check the other entities you want the field to also be created for. This simplifies the process of adding the same Custom Field across multiple entity types.

You can add up to 100 custom fields for every entity in every process.

If you want your Custom Field to be a required (mandatory) field, make sure to check the Required field check box.

System  custom fields can be modified only by system users and system activities, for example by metrics

If you're not sure in any settings, don't worry — you can always come back and change them later.

Custom Fields on Views

Once a Custom Field has been added, it is possible to include its values on Cards using Customize Cards feature:

Custom Fields on Cards

Custom Fields ordering in entity views

Available in version 3.8.8+

Do you use a lot of custom fields? Now you can change the order in which they are displayed! Place the most important Custom Fields at the top of the list to make your views more readable and adaptable to your needs.

For example, let's say you have the following list of Custom fields for a Project view:

Custom Fields ordering in entity views

You might decide you want to see all budget fields first.

To do this, open the Custom Fields menu in Settings. You can move fields one by one. Hover the mouse over the corresponding field, drag the field clicking on the icon in the Order column and pull it slowly into the position you want to see it on the view:

How to set up Custom Fields? Image 6

Now, budgets will be displayed first:

How to set up Custom Fields? Image 7 How to set up Custom Fields? Image 8

Drag'n'drop action works only when custom fields in the list are sorted by Order column. In order to sort fields, please click on column header until a top arrow icon appears.
How to set up Custom Fields? Image 9

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