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Custom Unit Colored Custom Fields

This mashup enables highlighting of custom fields on cards on views according to manually set conditions.

Custom Unit Colored Custom Fields. Image 1

In List views Colored custom fields make it possible to change selected value exactly like regular dropdowns do.

Custom Unit Colored Custom Fields. Image 2

Colored Custom Fields may serve as an alternative to color highlighting configured with Visual Encoding.


Only Administrators can configure Mashups and customize settings of public views in Targetprocess.

How to activate it step by step:

  1. Install the mashup named Custom Unit Colored Custom Fields from Mashups Library
  2. Configure the mashup: specify a list of custom fields and rules to highlight their values. Multiple fields are supported. Definitions for all fields can be placed into common configuration area, comma-separated
  3. Save the settings of the mashup
  4. Refresh Targetprocess pages in your web browser so that settings are applied
  5. Configure the view: open Actions > Set up view > Customize Cards tab
  6. A new custom unit appears in the list of units for each configured custom field. Add units for the fields you'd like to see on cards
  7. Save the settings of the view
  8. Values of custom fields become displayed on the cards on the view. The values are highlighted when matching color is found.

How to configure rules

In the mashup code, define your custom field in the name section (e.g. "Risk"). The values of the custom field are added to the colors section . Each value must be entered as a pair of the value name (e.g. "High Risk") and the color.

The color can be entered:

  • as plain text (e.g. "red" for red)
  • as HEX code (e.g. "#00FF00" for green)
  • as red-green-blue value (e.g. "rgb(255,255,0)" for yellow)
"name": "Risk",
"colors": {
  "High Risk": "red",
  "Low Risk": "#00FF00",
  "Medium Risk": "rgb(255,255,0)"

It is also possible to specify pairs of colors both for a text and a background:

"name": "Risk",
"colors": {
  "High Risk": {text: "black", background: "red"},
  "Low Risk": {text: "#000000", background: "#00FF00"},
  "Medium Risk": {text: "rgb(0,0,0)", background: "rgb(255,255,0)"}

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