Embedded Pages

This mashup (custom add-on) allows to see the pages by links you've provided in a URL and Template URL custom field as an additional tab on an entity view, so that you can work with the external pages and documents straight in Targetprocess.

For example, if Google Docs application is used to keep documentation related to User Stories, you can create a custom field "Google Doc" and specify there links to appropriate google documents for each User Story. This document will be reflected as a new tab on a User Story view.


The mashup can be activated by Administrators of your Targetprocess account.

  1. Configure the system in advance. Create URL or Template URL custom fields in Settings → Processes → your process → Custom Fields tab. More on how to add a field.
  2. Install the mashup from the Targetprocess Mashups Library. Navigate Settings > Mashups menu item for this purpose.
  3. Find the mashup in the list of installed ones. Change its code in order to specify which custom fields you'd like to see as an embedded page on a User Story view:
entityTypeName: 'UserStory',
customFieldName: 'Google Doc',
processName: 'Scrum',

After installation, reload Targetprocess page in your web browser. Request your colleagues to perform the same action if the mashup doesn't appear for them.


Now when you put a URL into a 'Google Doc' custom field for a User Story, it will be reflected as a new tab and an embedded page on that User Story view.


  • How many pages can I embed per entity?
  • You can show as many extra tabs as needed. Any number of URL and Template URL custom fields for different processes and entity types is supported. Use single mashup installed and specify all tabs and fields mapping in the configuration section for this mashup. Do not install the mashup twice for the purpose of having two embedded tabs.
  • Yaroslav Xobbit

    Hi, I did everything as above, but have neither tab, nor its content – just a new custom field with the link to my shared Google Doc – what can I do, please?

  • Ironbelly Studios

    Works like a charm but can you suggest a way that we could hide the custom field and subsequently the tab it creates in an entity to specific roles?

  • Sergey Gnedin

    @ironbellystudios:disqus it is not possible in the mashup we provide out-of-box, I’m afraid. However, the mashups are open-source, you can potentially get the code from https://github.com/TargetProce… and implement the change

  • Andrey Metelsky

    @yaroslavxobbit:disqus We will contact you directly via email to get more details about your issue and provide assistance.

  • Christina Hooper

    Can you embed pages or specifically, Google Spreadsheets, on dashboard views?

  • Bogdan Skaskiv

    @disqus_Mt3EsFe2co:disqus This can be done using separate mashup called “Dashboard Web Page Widget” (compatible with TP3.8+) which you can install under Settings->System Settings->Mashups. After installation and refreshing browsers page, you will be able to see in under “Widgets” tab of the Dashboard

  • Christina Hooper

    Awesome! Thank you! That was literally my last thing I needed to figure out before we made a decision to switch over from Jira to Target Process.

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