Import and Export

Importing Features, User Stories, Tasks, Bugs, Requests, Requesters, Test Cases, Impediments using CSV (comma-separated values) files.

Targetprocess provides for several easy ways to export data from to a delimited format suitable for import into such tools as Microsoft Excel.

Data migration to Targetprocess from any other Project Management system.

Bulk addition of Test Cases and detailed Test Steps within CSV files.

REST API allows to quickly extract data from Targetprocess. It can be easily used for any programming language and development platform.

Using built-in Targetprocess REST API it is possible to fetch data from your Targetprocess account to Google Spreadsheets document. The guide below helps to set up basic integration step by step. The integration works with Targetprocess sites hosted

Some of your users or entities may have local symbols in their names. It is possible to import data with such symbols to Targetprocess tool. In order to assign them your CSV files must be encoded in UTF-8 with BOM format. In the beginning of

Targetprocess supports the import of data from CSV files. When you import Features, User Stories, and Tasks into your backlog all at once, it is possible to import the hierarchical links between them as well. A special column in

You can import CSV (comma-separated values) files for Epics, Features, User Stories, Tasks, Bugs, Requests, Requesters, Users, Test Cases, Impediments in Targetprocess. Common fields Here’s the list of the common fields that can be updated with import: Field

Creation Date field in Targetprocess entities is important for history tracking. It also helps to display data properly on Timelines and in charts. It is not possible to modify creation date for existing entities. However, you can set custom creation

Importing assignments of particular people according to the responsible roles you’ve got for an entity.

Importing both the total effort for multiple roles and the effort for a single role, depending on how many responsible roles you’ve got for an entity.

You import User Stories with Custom fields the same way you import other entities in TargetProcess with the exception of a few additional rules you must take into account.

You can import User Stories, Bugs and other entities along with their tags.

Test Cases can be exported together with their Test Steps.

This mashup will create new entities (User Stories, Tasks, Bugs, etc.) from the list of names in a .txt file

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