What is Rank

The concept of Rank is used to define the relative importance of entities such as User Stories, Tasks, Bugs etc. Every entity is assigned with a value that describes its global priority. Rank is changed internally every time you prioritize an entity.

Rank(Numeric Priority) values are hidden numbers assigned to every entity. On views with sorting by Rank applied, entities are shown in order of these values. The values are global within the system, so they are maintained across different views.

The value itself is hidden from views as the numbers can look pretty awkward and confusing. There are still several places where you can see the Rank value represented by Numeric Priority:

The higher Numeric Priority number is, the lower is the Rank of the entity. New entities are created with highest Numeric Priority numbers, which means that their importance is lowest by default.

The work on views can be sorted by Rank. Open Actions > Set up view > Setup tab to check current sorting order configured for a view. The icon in the view setup displays current sorting order.

bottom-listDefault order. The cards with top priority and minimal Numeric Priority numbers are shown first.
top-listReverse order. The cards with low priority and maximal Numeric Priority numbers are shown first.

For more information about Prioritization check the article: How to prioritize entities

  • Justus Nagel

    Hey guys,

    we just started to work with Targetprocess and want to implement it for the whole company. We usually prioritize Features and or Epics. But then we work on User Story and Tasks. My questions are:

    a.) Does the feature rank has an influence on the user story rank and then e.g. the user story rank on the task rank? Or ranks only within the same entity and have nothing to do with the other entities?
    b.) Is it possible to sort e.g. user stories in a view based on the rank of the epic or feature?

    If there is somebody very into the rank system of targetprocess we would love to chat! 🙂

  • https://www.targetprocess.com/ Natalia

    Hi Justus,
    We have sent you an email, please check.

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