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Counters of Relations on Cards

Information about any existing inbound and outbound relations is useful when you plan and/or prioritize work. Customize Cards to add counters of Open Relations to cards on your views.

Within the counters, you can quickly see if an entity such as User Story, Feature, Bug etc. has any open relations to other items.

If there’s a Blocker relation or there are related Impediments, the relation number will be marked as having red background.

In the example below we can see that there are 3 Inbound Relations (one or more of which are Blockers or Impediments) and 1 Outbound Relation.

Counters of Relations on Cards. Image 1

On the Relations tab it looks like it is shown on the picture below:

Counters of Relations on Cards. Image 2

Only open relations matter. As soon as one of the related entities goes to the final state, the relation to it becomes greyed out in the Relations tab and hidden from a counter.

Customize Cards to add the Relations unit to cards of any size.

Counters of Relations on Cards. Image 3

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