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Rename an Entity

You can change the name (title) of an entity (work item) in Targetprocess at any time.

This article describes how to rename individual work items. To rename entity types (for example, Bugs → Issues) read other article: Rename Terms (Entity Types).

There are a few different ways to do this. Either use the contextual menu on a card, or rename the entity in the detail view.

Rename via contextual menu

To rename an entity on a board, just right click on it and the contextual menu pops up. Select "Rename" from the menu.

Targetprocess Image

The name will be displayed in an input field, which allows you to edit the name. Confirm your changes by hitting the return key on your keyboard (note: to dismiss your changes you can hit the "ESC" key).

Targetprocess Image

Rename in detail view

Alternatively, you can rename your entity on the detail view. Just click on the title, and it will change into an input field. Confirm your changes by hitting the return key, or dismiss the by hitting the escape key.

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