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If some teams use JIRA while other teams use Targetprocess, the flow of information between the tools is impeded. By integrating Targetprocess with JIRA (and possibly some other tools), the information is free to flow from tool to tool, providing greatly improved visibility for all team members.

Possible use cases:
  • Product managers build and manage the portfolio in Targetprocess, while developers and testers work with JIRA. Integrating the tools provides visibility into portfolio decisions for JIRA users, and details about progress and implementation specifics to Targetprocess users.
  • Developers and testers need to be able to freely share information about defects with product managers in Targetprocess. When developers use JIRA, information about those defects is separated. By integrating JIRA with Targetprocess, both teams can share information about defects in near real-time, all while working in the tool they prefer to use.

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