IBM RTC | Targetprocess - Visual management software
work Items

One-way and two-way synchronization:

  • Any work item
  • Epic
  • Feature
  • User Story
  • Task
  • Bug
  • Request
  • Test plan
  • Test Plan Run

If the product management team is using Targetprocess while other teams use RTC, you will need integration to improve collaboration between teams. Planned Features in Targetprocess need to be reflected in RTC, and User Stories from RTC must be reflected in Targetprocess. Tasktop can make this happen. Tasktop’s Integration Hub allows you to establish both one-way or two-way integrations between IBM RTC and Targetprocess.


Every integration case is unique, because you have to map your own special set of fields and work structure. If you’re interested, please check with us via to get started with a demo.  

Possible use cases:
  • Agile Planning Alignment – While planning your portfolio in Targetprocess, it's vital to make the prioritized list of Features to be implemented visible to development teams in RTC. Teams can also reflect Feature status, progress, and other details back to Targetprocess.
  • Help Desk Incident Escalation – If Targetprocess is being used with Targetprocess Service Desk, issues from Targetprocess might be escalated to development teams in RTC with further two-way synchronization between the tools.
  • Consolidated Reporting – If data from development teams is reflected from RTC to Targetprocess, your product and management teams can use Targetprocess’ awesome visual reports to get a holistic view of the product lifecycle.