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One-way and two-way synchronization:

  • Any work item
  • Epic
  • Feature
  • User Story
  • Task
  • Bug
  • Request
  • Test plan
  • Test Plan Run

Many organizations, particularly those building for Microsoft platforms, use TFS as their development platform. If some teams decide to adopt Targetprocess, reports from TFS will no longer reflect current data. Use Tasktop to eliminate this information disconnect and unify your teams.

Possible use cases:
  • If business analysts or product managers use Targetprocess while developers use TFS, each group will prefer to see Features and User Stories reflected in their own tool.
  • If some development teams use Targetprocess while others use TFS, collaboration between these teams becomes fractured. In these cases, the Integration Hub can provide all teams with complete visibility by synchronizing all artifacts. Teams in Targetprocess and TFS can even work together on the same Feature.n

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