The Kanban Board in Targetprocess will do everything to help you: visualize work, highlight limits, focus on the important,
hide the irrelevant, add new work in seconds, prioritize in batches, make you coffee. It's a new and pleasant experience;
one you haven't had with other tools.


Reports help to make sense of your data.
Intuition is good, but sometimes you need numbers to tell you the real truth.

Process control chart

Spot problematic user stories
and bugs.

Cycle time distribution

Forecast duration of user stories
and bug fixes.

Cumulative flow diagram

See workload fluctuations and

Process Control Chart
Cycle Time Distribution
Cumulative Flow Diagram
Video about Kanban

It lets you filter anything, zoom in and out, hide irrelevant, focus on important, change things.
All frequent actions are optimized to save your time: quick add, batch drag and drop, prioritization and fast editing.

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