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2 hours
Getting started with Targetprocess

This is an overview for groups of New Users where they can get an understanding of the product's concepts and main functionality, ask questions, and be ready to get started.

1 hour
Targetprocess for product development

This session focuses on how Targetprocess can be used in all stages of a software product development cycle. We will show you how to organize a timeline of your product road map, create and prioritize backlogs, and track progress on different levels.

1 hour
Targetprocess for project portfolio

Visualize and plan work on a program or portfolio level, achieve visibility across multiple projects and product releases, understand team and personal availability, manage project bottlenecks, track high-level progress on project or epic level, and explore what Targetprocess has to offer to managers and stakeholders.

1 hour
Targetprocess for requests management

Learn how to manage requests from an idea to the marketplace. See what requests are coming in from various stakeholders, categorize them, mark any dependencies, define deliverables, and track progress during the execution.

1 hour
Targetprocess for test management

Writing Test Cases, planning Test Plans, executing Test Runs and integrating Targetprocess with your automated testing process. We'll show you Targetprocess' QA capabilities and advise you on how to use them most effectively.

1 hour
Targetprocess for marketing

If you are a CMO, a marketing manager, or are simply involved in your company's marketing activities, this set of Targetprocess views is going to be your tool-set for planning and tracking different activities as well as collaborating with other colleagues.

2 hours
Targetprocess power user

Learn how to manage complex scenarios by writing your own filters, create any custom view, use different mash-ups to extend existing functionality and become a Targetprocess guru.

2 hours
Targetprocess for test management

Did you know you can use Targetprocess to support your QA activities?
We'll cover everything, including the basics of creating test cases to more advanced topics of hierarchical test plans. Additionally, you'll learn how to create many useful views specifically for QA. Use these to see everything you need, visualize the progress of test plan design, test run execution, and see what bugs have the highest priority - just to name a few. We'll show you the QA capabilities in Targetprocess and how you can make the most out of them.

1 hour
Supporting your value stream: from idea to production

If you have used Targetprocess thus far as a team collaboration tool, this session will show how to visualize and manage the entire product development cycle: from idea to market. Learn how to integrate requests coming from various stakeholders, categorize them, mark dependencies, define deliverables, and check the progress on all steps of the process. Targetprocess will help you achieve transparency between different company units and integrate your stakeholders and customers into the process, while giving each team and individual a clear focus on their daily priorities.

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