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Scaled Agile Framework®  (SAFe) helps organizations implement lean and agile software and systems development processes at scale. SAFe provides guidance and descriptions of best practices at the Portfolio, Solution, Program, and Team levels of an organization.

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Targetprocess delivers customizable solutions to the problems of managing an enterprise of any size based on the SAFe framework. Our built-in views, reports, and dashboards provide a comfortable starting point no matter your current SAFe maturity. Targetprocess allows you to visually plan, track and steer your work based on SAFe principles - so you can quickly deliver value to your customers.

Portfolio Level

The Portfolio level is the meeting point of Strategy and Funding in service of Value Stream performance. Here Enterprise Architects direct the flow of Solutions and Agile Release Trains (ARTs) using Lean Budget Guardrails.

Targetprocess provides options to visually manage the flow of Portfolio Epics in real time — from ideation to delivery — and link these strategic initiatives to the teams doing the work. Portfolio reports, metrics, and dashboards provide a holistic summary of work while supporting interactive drill-down views that allow management of work status at any level.

  • Epic-backlog
    Construct Strategic Themes to synchronize Portfolio Goals across your Epic Backlog
  • Pi budget
    Fund your Value Streams and adjust budgets every PI.
  • portfolio-kanban
    Design and monitor Epics through their customized Kanban Workflow
  • Templates
    Guide your Epic Owners with customizable Portfolio Epic templates.
  • Strategic themes
    Reveal your complete hierarchy for a holistic summary of work at all levels.
  • Productivity
    Accurately assess team productivity with easy visualizations
  • Portfolio dashboard
    Use a single view for the next board meeting. Everything is in one place.

Solution Level

Value Streams are divided into a group of large, often complex, and detailed Solutions that provide real value to the organization. Solution Train Engineers (STEs) build Solution Trains to avoid the pitfall of creating large organizational units without meaningful subdivisions. Targetprocess assists with the STE’s goal of aligning people with work and directing them toward the completion of the wider organization’s needs.

  • Capabilities Backlog
    Bridge the gap between Solutions and Program Features for a break down of work in multiple connected ARTs
  • Solution Trains
    Break down Solution Trains into ARTs and Teams for quick and easy management by your STE
  • Priority compliance
    Make sure your teams follow your set priorities using the Priority Compliance Report.

Program Level

Agile Release Trains are a sophisticated metaphor for a continuous flow of value through the combination of teams, roles, and activities directed at incremental continuous development. Release Train Engineers (RTEs) administer regularly scheduled Program Increment (PI) Planning Events to align team members with a shared vision. By developing an iterative cadence RTEs foster an environment where the ARTs they manage can accomplish Portfolio level achievements while maintaining focus.

Targetprocess supplies functionality for Program Features with the ability to rank them using Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) to build a cross-team backlog. RTEs use Targetprocess to collaborate with teams using shared views that eliminate the need for messy physical representations. Reports and views provide invaluable insights for furthering continuous improvement.

  • Features WSJF
    Rank Features by WSJF and prioritize your backlog with confidence.
  • Porgram Board
    See planning issues as early as possible with a detailed Program Board. No string required.
  • Iteration cadence
    Let your RTE manage your cadence and milestones with easy-to-use timelines.
  • PI objectives
    Use PI Objectives for Program Predictability Measurements for realistic business value projections.
  • Capacity planing
    Plan sprints with capacity and dependencies visualized to prevent overloads and resolve blockers.
  • Program risks
    Allow Product and Delivery Managers to visualize the Program level all in one place for maximum team transparency
  • Release details
    Create and manage Production Releases without disrupting your SAFe hierarchy.
  • Feature team iteration
    Build a Feature Roadmap for each PI with

Team Level

The Team Level is where real work meets the layers of abstraction superimposed above them. Agile Teams are cross functional units responsible for defining, building, and testing throughout the iterative cadence. The value they deliver is what provides the data used at higher levels of the SAFe structure.

Targetprocess allows Team Members and managers to see work completed in real time with full control over Workflow States. Important metrics like effort estimates, time spent, and cycle time are exploited to provide invaluable insights for continuous improvement. Scrum, Kanban, and a plethora of combinations are easily supported. A variety of optional Team Level features provide functionality for SAFe practices like User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Request Management.

  • Team iteration plan
    Engage with Scrum Masters and Delivery Managers to build Iteration plans for easy work visualization using Scrum practices.
  • Team Kanban
    Allow Leaders to set work in process limits for your Teams on Kanban Boards to control bottlenecks and avoid wasting effort.
  • Cumulative flow
    Provide Delivery Managers with generated Cumulative Flow Diagrams to view and potentially optimize cycle time.
  • Burndown
    Let your Scrum Masters ride Burndowns to the bottom or climb Burnups to the top.


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