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Large Solutions SAFe

Large solutions Program Team

Scaled Agile Framework®  (SAFe) is a modular framework with variations built by removing different layers from full SAFe. This provides an option for organizations to build up to full SAFe maturity gradually, and marks a healthy stopping point for any organization that wants to scale but does not require a full implementation to accomplish their goals.

Targetprocess delivers customizable solutions to the problems of managing an enterprise of any size based on the SAFe framework. Our built-in views, reports, and dashboards provide a comfortable starting point no matter your current SAFe maturity. Targetprocess allows you to visually plan, track and steer your work based on SAFe principles - so you can quickly deliver value to your customers.

Solution Level

Large Solution SAFe includes grouped Agile Release Trains(ARTs) in the form of Solution Trains. In organizations that have no budgetary oversight, or that are maintaining their Portfolio Management without using Scaled Agile practices, avoiding the Portfolio level entirely is the optimal configuration. Solution Train Engineers (STEs) may still  build Solution Trains to avoid the pitfall of creating large organizational units without meaningful subdivisions when grouped ARTs are necessary.

Targetprocess assists with the STE’s goal of aligning people with work and directing them toward the completion of the wider organization’s needs. The system combines unique roles and artifacts with ideal practices to deliver high level management of trains of all sizes.

  • Capabilities Backlog
    Bridge the gap between Solutions and Program Features for a break down of work in multiple connected ARTs
  • Solution Trains
    Break down Solution Trains into ARTs and Teams for quick and easy management by your STE
  • Priority compliance
    Make sure your teams follow your set priorities using the Priority Compliance Report.

Program Level

Agile Release Trains are a sophisticated metaphor for a continuous flow of value through the combination of teams, roles, and activities directed at incremental continuous development. Release Train Engineers (RTEs) administer regularly scheduled Program Increment (PI) Planning Events to align team members with a shared vision. By developing an iterative cadence RTEs foster an environment where the ARTs they manage can accomplish Portfolio level achievements while maintaining focus.

Targetprocess supplies functionality for Program Features with the ability to rank them using Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) to build a cross-team backlog. RTEs use Targetprocess to collaborate with teams using shared views that eliminate the need for messy physical representations. Reports and views provide invaluable insights for furthering continuous improvement.

  • Features WSJF
    Rank Features by WSJF and prioritize your backlog with confidence.
  • Porgram Board
    See planning issues as early as possible with a detailed Program Board. No string required.
  • Iteration cadence
    Let your RTE manage your cadence and milestones with easy-to-use timelines.
  • PI objectives
    Use PI Objectives for Program Predictability Measurements for realistic business value projections.