Software Development Project Management Solution by Targetprocess

Don't change your process to fit an existing tool; instead, use the tool that will fit your process. Targetprocess supports different processes and development practices such as bug tracking, time tracking, test management and integration with source control systems. Decide for yourself which practices to keep on or off, adjusting the tool to the way you work.

01Support your development process

Create your unique process workflow to maximize your team’s strengths. Use ScrumKanban, Scrumban,  the classical management approach or your own custom process. You can have any combination of processes for different projects and teams. Apply your custom workflow to any level of work hierarchy.

Support your development process

02Track defects

Visualize defects at one board along with other stories to know the whole scope of work that should be completed. Or, use a separate view to immediately spot defects of the highest priority and severity.

Track defects

03Track spent and remaining time

Adding time to any level of your work hierarchy is an important part of Time Tracking in Targetprocess. Adjust your initial estimations with the actual spent and remaining time and retrieve any of the aggregated statistics. This information allows you to build burn down charts, progress summaries, as well as other progress and tracking reports.

Track spent and remaining time

04Monitor valuable metrics

Analyze statistics that are meaningful for your teams, and decide which reports provide the most transparency in your development process. Check your accuracy in estimates or by how fast you are moving. Understand the trends and see the forecasts. Put all statistics in one place with the custom dashboards.

Monitor valuable metrics


Use out of the box plugins to integrate with Git, Subversion, Visual Studio, Eclipse IDE, Bugzilla or TFS. Integrate with external systems via open REST API. Add new functionality to Targetprocess using the extensions library. Create custom plugins using .NET.