Ticket Management Tools by Targetprocess | SLA Reporting Tool

IT Project Manager Tool by Targetprocess

Targetprocess offers a tool designed specifically for project managers to help them facilitate ticket management. The IT Manager handles incoming tickets that contain problems, questions and requests. Many of these problems are urgent and demand immediate action throwing the team into firedrill mode. Others can wait. Targetprocess helps manage bugs, issues and requests appropriately by providing a tool that streamlines ticket handling. Easily assign the appropriate tasks to specialists, set priorities and track progress – all through a single, intuitive interface!

01Tickets management (Kanban)

Handle incoming tickets, assign them, see urgent tasks and track the overall progress on a single Kanban board.

Tickets management (Kanban)

02Tickets prioritization

List view allows for quick ticket prioritization using a drag and drop interface.

Prioritize Tickets

03SLA compliance tracking

Use Cycle Time reports to ensure that all tickets fit the SLAs (service-level agreement) set by your organization. Monitor SLA trends and immediately spot tickets with a long duration to ensure tasks are never missed or lost.

SLA Tracking

04Optimize ticket resolution

Besides addressing the common challenges associated with ticket management, Targetprocess also shows you the big picture by exposing common issues and their resolutions. This gives you guidance on possible ways to tackle issues once and for all.

Targetprocess provides an advanced software tool for IT managers that helps them optimize the handling of issues, requests and inquiries and saves them time and effort for other important tasks.