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Targetprocess supports you through the entire product life-cycle. Keep everything in one place and move from managing incoming ideas and requests from your customers, along with providing your own ideas. Turn approved ideas into product functionality, move forward with implementation, choose the development processes that serves your teams' needs, and track product delivery.

01Manage incoming requests and your own ideas in one place

Let your customers and stakeholders send you ideas, questions, or issues via email or through our Help Desk Portal, and have these automatically converted into requests in Targetprocess. Add your own ideas and prioritize them all together on one screen.

Manage incoming requests and your own ideas in one place

02Turn ideas into product functionality

Decide which ideas should be implemented into your products, reject others, and turn accepted requests into product functionality.

Turn ideas into product functionality

03Create plans and roadmaps

Once you have your product backlog set, plan new functionality from a different perspective. You can take an iterative approach and plan your product features by quarter.

Create plans and roadmaps

You can also specify exact start and end dates on a Timeline to help track history, understand current progress, and plan a future short- or long-term roadmap. You will also be able to oversee team allocations to analyze who and when will be available for development of new functionality based on system forecasts.

Product Management. Image 4

04Stay flexible with the development process

Let your teams decide which process to use during the implementation phase. They can go with Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, or any custom process. Targetprocess allows teams to follow their real life workflows and helps project managers to easily track progress across all teams without being confused about each team's specific workflow.

Stay flexible with the development process

05Verify the quality

The mature QA area of Targetprocess helps you to provide high quality in the products you develop and provides you with a tool-set for planning and tracking testing activities in your company. Create and manage test cases, organize them into test plans to cover testing on a feature, release and project levels, track test plans' design and execution progress, and get a look at the execution schedule for your test plan runs.

Verify the quality

06Track product delivery

Schedule the release plans of multiple projects from one screen, track progress and see forecasts. Use builds to track the delivery of product packages.

Track product delivery

07Monitor progress with product dashboards

Create a custom dashboard per product to visualize important metrics, see trends, and keep an eye on the latest changes.

Monitor progress with product dashboards

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