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Targetprocess Enterprise Portfolio Management Tool

Targetprocess offers an advanced agile portfolio management solution that provides powerful data visualizations and enterprise collaboration tools. It enables your portfolio team to effectively manage the project pipeline by prioritizing new projects, building detailed roadmaps and tracking resource allocation.

We've all heard the adage "work smart, not hard." Yet for some reason, teams and managers at companies of all sizes spend an unjustifiable amount of time transferring and standardizing project data between spreadsheets, various collaboration tools, and project portfolio management solutions.

Targetprocess is the first solution to offer a holistic and agile approach to ALM and PPM. The visual, intuitive interface acts as a single source of truth for your project data – from tactical software delivery to strategic portfolio planning – so you and your teams can work smart, not hard.

Targetprocess’ tool gives senior leadership visibility to the whole picture and makes work in progress and real-time project status abundantly clear. Teams benefit from understanding how their activities relate and contribute to the company’s high-level objectives while retaining the freedom to choose and follow their own Agile methods or custom work processes. And  no time is wasted on manual synchronization of data.

01Targetprocess versus traditional PPM tools

Developed specifically for Agile methodologies since our inception in 2004, Targetprocess’ system naturally supports:

Targetprocess versus traditional PPM tools

  • Agility in project portfolio management. Make your portfolio responsive and adapt to shifting business priorities without disrupting the flow of your organization.
  • Teams freedom to choose or adjust an Agile approach (such as Scrum, Kanban or a customized approach). If different teams want to use separate approaches within the same project, no problem. You still see a unified picture at the project, program, and initiative levels.
  • Scaled Agile with Targetprocess’ out-of-the-box capabilities for Program Increment planning.

Targetprocess enables both project portfolio management (PPM) and application lifecycle management (ALM) within one tool 

  • No more manual synchronization between PPM and ALM tools
  • Real-time visibility and full traceability from portfolio-level initiatives to development-level projects and work items

Targetprocess joins information visualization and project management for a visual approach to project portfolio management.

  • See your progress and grasp interdependencies across teams, projects, and programs.
  • View project data from different angles to understand, change, and share data.
  • Enable cross-department collaboration with shared views across the entire enterprise.
  • Make smarter decisions with visibility and transparency into potential risks, impediments and blockers.

Targetprocess provides a uniquely flexible tool for managing work, projects, and project portfolios

  • Customize Targetprocess to fit your specific needs - not the other way around.
  • View project data from different angles and levels in order to understand, update, and share data when needed.

Fantastic customer support

  • Get professional help and support from our around the clock support team.
  • Chat live with our support team and never worry about whether we saw your question.

Slick & appealing UI

  • Spend less time in tools and more time delivering value.
  • Get immediate access to reporting templates for quick progress checks.
02Visualize company goals, strategic themes and initiatives

Visualize company goals, strategic themes and initiatives

Simplify portfolio-wide communication to stakeholders by organizing strategic themes and company goals to provide a concise bridge between vision and what gets delivered.

Identify related initiatives that aim to deliver a specific business result, and easily drill down for execution details. Create portfolio roadmaps and track initiatives’ progress by visualizing workflows on a Kanban board.

03Pipeline management: evaluate and prioritize incoming project requests

Pipeline Management: Evaluate and prioritize incoming project requestsManage your internal pipeline for project and feature proposals with our project request form. Track responses and prioritize requests based on the characteristics that are most important for your customer. See related time constraints, dependencies, strategic objectives, and available resources with interactive views and dashboards.

04Rank and prioritize your portfolio

Rank and prioritize your portfolioDeliver incremental business value by selecting the right items to implement first. Look at data from different angles to decide which projects are most valuable to your customers. Calculate rank automatically based on your custom parameters such as importance, probability of success, available budget, expected revenue, risks, and many others.

05Create portfolio roadmaps based on company strategy to guide execution

Create portfolio roadmaps based on company strategy to guide execution

Compose a portfolio roadmap according to your strategic themes, company goals and available resources. View initiatives’ progress and automatically calculate forecasts based on completed work. Determine the work items to be completed next and ensure you never miss important milestones and spot potential delays before they happen.

06Track budget, risks and people allocations

Track budget, risks and people allocations

See and manage important portfolio details from one screen. Get notified about possible conflicts with people (teams and individuals) allocation. Get budget predictions for initiatives, and get notified when you are in danger of exceeding allocated project budgets early. Identify risks, complete qualitative and quantitative analysis, plan risk responses, and control risks across projects to meet important milestones.

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