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Using Targetprocess with JIRA

JIRA is useful for bug tracking and managing team-based Agile work via scrum and kanban boards. But organizations coordinating large scale Agile implementations need more than team-level views. They require up-to-date reports, dashboards and visualizations at Portfolio and Program levels.

They need the ability to define, fund and prioritize value streams and Portfolio items, and need to ensure that these are connected to the tactical execution of development work.

Using Targetprocess with JIRA
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Here are some common issues

with large-scale Agile implementations using team-based tools like JIRA:

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Unable to visualize relationships between Features and Portfolio items
Difficult to track progress of Features and Portfolio items by points or hours
Issues with tracking and reporting on Stories and Features/Epics grouped into Releases across multiple products or programs
Hard to combine and track Stories and Features/Epics across multiple products or teams within a single portfolio item

By connecting Targetprocess to JIRA’s team-level execution data,
you can solve these issues.

Pick what would be valuable in your organization

Native support for multiple Teams and Products in complex organizational hierarchies
A complete data domain and native work hierarchy to support simple or complex portfolios
Ability to leverage a host of built-in reports at the Portfolio and Program levels, plus build your own reports with our easy-to-use reporting engine
Leverage WSJF ranking and Value Streams analysis for strategic and financial alignment
Built-in support for organizations adopting SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)
Flexibility to adapt to your organization: custom terms, workflows and processes, flexible data grouping, graphical automation rules builder, custom metrics and much more

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