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Since November 2004, Targetprocess has enabled businesses to sustain a start-up culture while scaling their Agile teams. We built our company on steady, organic growth, generated almost entirely from customer referrals. We figured that if we needed or wanted to grow quickly, we'd invest in our technology. We didn't want to interrupt the process of building our entirely original, award-winning visual management tool.
Targetprocess: Planning 1.0 said "hello, world" on November 14, 2004.
Targetprocess TP 2004
Betting on our product worked. Targetprocess started as a five-person company (honestly, a group of guys who wanted to tinker with the idea of Agile on their free nights and weekends).
Through several iterations, we moved from a single computer (thanks, Michael), to a single apartment (thanks, Michael), to finally, a separate office in 2006.
We've since grown to a team of over 120 international employees. You can find Targetprocess employees everywhere, from Belarus to Berlin to Buffalo.
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Our ability to scale with a distributed team draws on the culture derived from Agile principles.
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We care more about individuals and interactions than any process or tool.
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We make Agile project management software that you can use without a thick operations manual.
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We invest in what our customers need and want. We don't bow to trends unless we see a benefit for our users.
And finally, we aren't afraid of change. Our first iteration of Targetprocess required a physical compact disc—not unlike AOL in the late nineties. We started investing in UX in 2009 — a novel concept at the time — and started offering a SaaS tool long before it became industry standard to do so.

Today, we bring you a software platform for adopting and scaling Agile in all its forms: Targetprocess supports team-level Agile methods like Scrum, Kanban, and XP but also enables you to customize it for your own version of Lean and Agile. Likewise, Targetprocess software helps to scale Agile using various frameworks, such as SAFe, Scrum of Scrums, DAD, LeSS, Next, Spotify and hybrid approaches.

Thus, with Targetprocess you can follow your own target process. On top of the flexibility and visibility, our customers appreciate Targetprocess for the following:

Targetprocess TP 2004

We make visual work management software. It’s been stripped of all the unnecessary gunk that clogs up antiquated tools and prioritizes what our customers say is most important to them: quick onboarding and intuitive ease of use, a jargon-free experience, and enough structure to support their teams’ needs without a one-size-fits-all approach. We know that each team needs a communication, project management, and idea governance system that fits their unique dynamics.

Targetprocess offers Agile project management software that helps businesses get back to what’s most important: serving their clients and putting their teams’ creativity to work.

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