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We have the most established and well-documented approach for implementing Agile at scale.


SAFe framework is on board!

Targetprocess will help your company to effectively implement SAFe at each of the four levels of scale.
Essential SAFe
Program Team
Supports the program and team levels of the Scaled Agile Framework.
Full SAFe
Large solutions Portfolio Program Team
Supports the portfolio, large solutions, program and team levels of the Scaled Agile Framework.
Large Solutions SAFe
Large solutions Program Team
Supports large solutions, program and team levels of the Scaled Agile Framework.
Portfolio SAFe
Portfolio Program Team
Supports portfolio, program and team levels of the Scaled Agile Framework.
Program Team
Supports the Large Scale Scrum framework to manage the work of up to eight scrum teams.
LeSS Huge
Portfolio Program Team
Supports the Large Scale Scrum framework to manage the work of more than eight scrum teams.
Agile Portfolio Management
Portfolio Program Team
Supports the agile approach in managing the team, program and portfolio levels of your organization.
Scrum of Scrums
Portfolio Program Team
Supports the Scaling Scrum framework to manage the work of large groups, consisting of multiple agile teams.
Scrum Team
Supports a scrum team's processes, from backlog grooming to sprint retrospectives.
Kanban Team
Supports a kanban team's work from end to end: from visualizing workflows to successful delivery.
Project Portfolio Management Tool
Advanced Agile portfolio management solution that provides powerful data visualizations and enterprise collaboration tools
Scale Agile with SAFe Tool
Guidance in scaling Agile practices for your company's unique needs.
Scrum Tool for a Company
Perfect for enterprise companies with multiple projects and distributed development teams
Scrum for a Team
Support your IT team throughout the iterative development lifecycle
Kanban for a Company
Effective way to stay on top of continual product delivery without overburdening the development team
Kanban for a Team
Helps highly collaborative and self-managed teams improve their ability to deliver working features “just-in-time”
Program Manager
Coordinates several projects and controls the project portfolio. Sets goals and aligns several teams to achieve business benefits.
Product Owner
Shares knowledge with the development team, educates people, and helps them understand real users' needs.
Scrum Master
Improves the development process, plans sprints, tracks progress, and runs daily meetings.
In Targetprocess everything can be condensed into just 1-3 screens so developers can save time.
QA Engineer
Manages bug tracking, continuous communication with developers, quality trends tracking, and test execution.
Support Engineer
Handles incoming and truck requests from customers, answers questions, creates bugs from requests.
IT Manager
Handles incoming tickets that contain problems, questions and requests.
Product Life-Cycle
Planning and Tracking Tool
Gives you both a visual and intuitive way to coordinate your strategic objectives and communicate them throughout your company.
PM Tool for Software Development
Don't change your process to fit an existing tool; instead, Targetprocess can flex to fit your process and scale.
Functional Area
Risk Management
Identify, analyze, and respond to risks and opportunities before they become issues.
Requests Management
Get requests from various stakeholders, categorize, mark dependencies, define deliverables and check status
Product Management
Keep everything in one place and move from managing incoming ideas and requests from your customers.

Experts and Clients say

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  • Targetprocess was recognized as a Visionary in Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools” and was included in the related “Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools”

    April 2019, “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools
  • We have been using Targetprocess for more than three years by now and still been surprised when our teams find news ways and work areas to use it...
    It is really so flexible that we can nearly model and effectively use in each workflow we need. New departments request me from time to time to show them "that tool you have with nice cards :-)
    Jorge Rivero Sanchez
    Innovation Director
  • I love how adaptable and flexible Targetprocess is. It meets the various needs of so many different departments within our organization. We manage all of our IT, creative and legal workflow through Targetprocess. It's helped create a centralized location for our cross-department needs – as well as providing a history of our work.
    Katie MacCabe
    Assistant Director
  • I used Targetprocess at some very large multi-team multi-program clients and had a consistently good experience.
    I've got a lot of experience of Jira, Rally, PivotalTracker, Trello, Mingle and open source agile lifecycle management tools. I like Targetprocess better - it covers a lot more ground, the information architecture is really consistent, it's solid as a rock and fast too. Best of breed.
    Peter Merel
    CTO and Agile Coach

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