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Tired of building your agile transformation on top of a team level ticket system with tons of workarounds?

We all know that solutions aren’t the main factor for a successful agile transformation, but we also know that a good solution with a thoughtful and supporting vendor behind it can make a big difference. We’ll integrate with your client’s team-level task manager or ticketing system if needed - but most importantly, with Targetprocess you can ensure that everyone in the organization - from strategic leadership to product management and teams - will quickly get onboard and you can get a single source of truth that aligns portfolio with product and execution levels.

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Acknowledged as a Visionary by Gartner and Strong Player by Forrester
1000+ customer base
Targetprocess is one of the top three software vendors focusing on serving the needs of large and enterprise customers scaling agile and aligning strategy with execution
A tool that understands agile concepts well, is easy to adapt to a variety of work flows, and that gets adopted quickly and thus aligns business and IT just naturally
Agile and innovative company that invests in its culture
Best of the market customer service

Your partner benefits:

Instant support for your customer program from your dedicated business and technical account managers
Direct channel to our Product Owner to discuss your strategic product wishlist
Early access to our roadmap
Co-marketing activities
Client referral margins
Free internal Targetprocess license
Free training and certification

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Current Partners List:

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    • Vladimir Gorshunov
      Founder, Certified Agile Education, Enterprise Agile Coaching
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    • Evert Bourgeois
      Transformation Manager
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    European Union
    • Deborah Reid
      Senior VP Global Services. Enterprise Digital Transformation, Agile Enablement, Intelligent Enterprise, Product and Software Development
    • Jurriaan van der Laan
      Lean Agile Transformation coach. Lean Agile transformation
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