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10 years ago

Usage of Integration Features in TargetProcess

I continue posting customers' survey result. One of the question was about integration abilities usage of TargetProcess. Here are the results.

Very Important Never used
CSV Import/Export40% 37%
VS 2008 47% 42%
JIRA 11% 78%
Bugzilla 15%72%
TestTrack Pro 2%85%
NUnit 38%44%
Subversion57% 39%
Perforce 4% 87%
Source Safe 9% 80%

As you see, TestTrack Pro, Perforce and SourceSafe integrations almost not used (waste of time from our side?), while Visual Studio 2008 and Subversion integrations are popular.

It seems further integrations should focus on IDEs and testing tools (Fitnesse, Eclipse).

  • The Nazg

    +1 for Eclipse integration, particularly via the Mylyn plugin…

  • cover

    Hey Michael,

    By “Perforce – 4%” do you mean it’s for all the customers or only for those who really use Perforce in their projects?