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7 years ago

Visual Roadmap

2 weeks ago we made a large roadmap poster out of four A2 sheets of paper and put it up on the wall in a highly popular place, that is kitchen. The poster shows 2 years in a row:

You can see  initiatives (or epics) rows. Red line is for an epic start date, green line marks release date. Yellow lines show previous and future expectations about releases, but since we are not estimating stories, these are just expectations. Blue line indicates beta-release. Stories and features are represented by yellow sticky notes inside each initiative. The current day is marked by a thread with a marker attached (yes, we utilize gravity force). Future initiatives are marked with large orange sticky notes.

Here is a quick overview of 2010. We completed only 2 major epics and started 3 more that are still in progress.

Currently we are working on Plugins (this epic  has been in production for almost 9 months already) and new Views (the current "in progress" time is 6 months). As you see, we expected to release new Views in April initially, but full JS architecture redesign changed the plans. Quick Add UX activities will be started soon.

Finally, an overview photo:

  • Rob Campbell

    I just sent a request for a roadmap…and here it is

  • Michael Dubakov

    @3d772b7d298a7b928d55d9a6cea6be3f:disqus Good timing 🙂 Do you like it? Or expected something else?

  • groupon clone

    Its really great map!

  • Ucla

    What’s the point of showing the past? And why are you only looking 6 months ahead?

  • Michael Dubakov

    @d267f338f7031b4166aa973ba1dfa0ab:disqus It is interesting to see previous year as well, since some initiatives that are still in progress started 2010. It helps to build the whole picture. Also it is hard to roadmap for more than 6 months. Priorities change 🙂

  • Ziyoda

    It’s great way of visualising what is going on with the projects in a company. However, this is only good when you do not have a lot of tasks and work packages. The companies like us, who have more than 5 teams, and more than 10 people in each team with different tasks, visualising the roadmap like that becomes impossible. I believe that large companies should use PM tools instead

  • Nikolay Todorov

    Interesting to see how this road map looks today 🙂