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6 months ago

Visual Reports Editor: Beta of cumulative, burn up & down reports

We are happy to announce the beta release of historical reports for all On-Demand accounts (with the exception of private clouds, for now).

You can see the basics of how to start using it in the image below.


A full explanation on how to use historical reports can be found in our guide article: How to create a historical report

We will really appreciate your feedback on this beta release of historical reports. What do you like about it? What could be improved? Let us know what you think at

  • Stefan Höhn

    “(with the exception of private clouds, for now).”

    why are the private clouds are again later?

  • Julia Pastushenko

    Hi Stefan,

    Most of private clouds are updated by request, so we are not in control of when they can receive the latest version.
    In your particular case the new versions are rolled out automatically, and you’ll have history reports today.

    Best wishes,

  • Paul T

    Love this! Just last week I spent several hours looking at creating a burn-down for a feature and a cumulative flow for tech debt. Now I’ve just created each really simply with this new feature. Thanks very much, Team!

  • Stefan Höhn

    Great. Thanks, Julia.